Web Series

Presented on O&O Channel Scenic Route

The Tagline: We put the "K" in Klassy...

The Logline: Watch as broke college students show you how to create Pinterest-worthy backyard cocktails for the masses.

The Pitch: It’s no secret that booze is big on YouTube. From the carefully handcrafted ‘LOCAL FLIGHT’ series by Tastemade to the ever klassy ‘DRUNK KITCHEN’ by Hannah Hart, booze just makes things on the internet just that much more entertaining. However, there has yet to be a show that combines good tasting cocktails, jumbo quantities, and a college student’s budget (“Help Me I’m Poor”). Yes, “KLASSY KEGGER” is the show to show you how to make the best backyard “Jungle Juice” for the next time you invite half of the freshman class to pass out on your couch. Using Pinterest recipes, we will show you two-ingredient cocktail recipes that will be just at home in your new snazzy watermelon keg as they will in your 10 gallon Igloo Water Cooler. Come on over, drink with us.

The Cast of Drinking Experts: We are not professional bartenders. We are college seniors who have had a four-year education in cheap alcohol, canned juices, and modifying Pinterest recipes. Lead by self-proclaimed ‘master drinker’ Austin Carroll, each week this series will feature a new ‘Drinking Expert’ that will put their supersize spin on a ‘klassic’ cocktail.

The Setting: Set in a small all-American backyard complete with tacky lawn flamingos, twinkle lights, and lawn chairs, Austin and her rotating panel of “Drinking Experts” will show you how to make the “jungle juice” of your dreams on a table sourced from Craigslist. 

Episode Layout: Each episode will begin as many parties do - with an introduction and a shot. We will introduce the guest ‘Drinking Expert’ and display the recipe’s source in the corner. The rest of the episode will follow the format of most How-To Food shows: close ups of the ingredients, step-by-step instructions, a lot of laughter, and a final ‘cheers.’

Target Audience/ Sponsership: College-educated millennials. Our YouTube web series will likely attract both Males and Females who are between the ages of 19 and 28. Specifically those who are engaged in social media (may have a Pinterest account), watch lifestyle content on Traditional (i.e. Food Network) or New Media, and have some disposable income. This is a particularly coveted audience and we could attract sponsors from liquor brands such as “Mike’s Hard Lemonade” or “Absolute Vodka.” 

Dine. Drink. Play

The Logline: We’ll show you how to get the most out of your day cation by introducing you to happening local spots where you can dine, drink, and play to your hearts content. No matter the final destination, this journey is not one to be missed!

The Pitch:

The Travel Channel and Pinterest are great at inspiring wanderlust in us all. We dream of traveling to far off places and, to be honest, drinking our October away at Octoberfest. However, with student loans and only weekends free, those dreams are a long ways off for us millennials… but that doesn’t mean we have to spend all weekend on the couch! After all, girls gotta eat. Introducing Dine, Drink, Play a new web series designed to show you the hottest spots to do just that, be it down the block or a road trip away. These spots won’t break the bank, but they will amount to massive likes on your instagram and stories to tell on Monday. Come on, let’s go out and do something! Don’t worry, Netflix will still be there when you get back. ;)

Episode Layout:

Each episode will focus on a singular lesser-known vacation destination, be it a cluster of close by towns like Orange County or one metropolitan city like Palm Beach. Our hosts will introduce us to the town and then visit three very special weekend spots: one with the perfect bite, one that gives the classic 5 o’clock somewhere vibe, and one where you can play the day away. Future episodes will include epic journeys to San Diego’s boozy Gaslight district, Portland’s gold mine thrift stores, and even the taco spots of Tijuana.

Episode 1: Orange County #SunDayFunday

Orange County is more than just some terrible reality show. It’s a place as diverse as its inhabitants with beaches, boozy brunches, perfect bar crawls, and a little bit of Disney magic. In this episode of Dine Drink Play, we will do #SundayFunday the right way with an unlimited mimosa brunch at gastro pub Chapter One, a stop at the train-depo turned hipster food court The Anaheim Packing District, and ending the day with fireworks at the happiest place on earth - Disneyland (from the comfort of the free shopping

plaza next door)!

TARGET DEMOGRAPHIC/ Sponsorship opportunities:

This series will live on YouTube and will attract a mostly female millennial audience interested in food and lifestyle content. They will be Type A active social media users who Yelp a place before they eat there, Instagrams their foods, order off the craft beer menu, and have a Pinterest board titled “One Day” filled with travel photography. This demographic has been particularly attractive to auto brands such as the Ford Fiesta movement in the past. However, this particular series could be sponsored by Fashion brands, liquor brands, and any other brands that value the spirit of adventure and day cations.


Short Documentary Films directed by Austin Carroll.